Cherubina & Friends | Today we speak with Palacio 7 Balcones

Gabriela Represa de la Lastra , graduated in Law and specialized in European Affairs, after years in Europe, returns to Seville to embark on the latest project of the decorator and businessman Lorenzo Moinet Ybarra , Palacio 7 Balcones , the fashionable palace in Seville for weddings and events premium .

Q: What motivated you to embark on a project like Palacio 7 Balcones?

A: Since Lorenzo showed me his project, I knew it was going to be the place to be for weddings in Seville. And in sight it is!

Palacio 7 Balcones is a more than unique place, not only from an architectural point of view, since it was Aníbal Gonzalez who did the first remodeling at the beginning of the 20th century, but also because of its wonderful gardens, designed by the landscaper Forestier, and its perfect enclave, just 5 minutes from Seville.

In short, for me it represents a super place trendy and the perfect alternative for those who want their wedding to be unique. It also seems to me a plus to consider, the number of spaces and settings to make each photograph a work of art, which the couple always keep.

Q: To date, as you have told us, you have worked in a different sector. What is your contribution at Palacio 7 Balcones?

A: Yes, the last four years I have been working in Brussels and previously I have lived in other countries. My work required detailed knowledge of the protocol, since I interacted daily, in addition to my mother tongue, in English and French, with leaders of the European Institutions in events and projects of all kinds.

Also, on a personal level, I have attended weddings and cultural events all over Europe, from Paris, London, Rome and Berlin to Poland, the Netherlands or Austria. I have not stopped! It can be said that without realizing it I have been acquiring the know-how of weddings and events, extracting the best ideas, to translate them now in Palacio 7 Balcones.

Q: And how does this translate to the premium weddings and events at Palacio 7 Balcones?

A: Well, from the choice of crockery, glassware and kitchenware, - being remarkable that the palace has a large collection of Limoges, Old Paris or Company of the Indies, among others - going through a majestic floral decoration, - which is also made in the palace, with hydrangeas, peonies, roses, lilies, etc., according to the preferences of each client - and taking care of each and every one of the dishes that come out of the kitchen in the palace, exclusively for 7 Balcones.

In addition to offering the space, it is about providing a service made to measure to clients, guiding them in the process, so that everything goes perfectly on the most important day of their lives.

Q: What is your favorite place in the palace?

A: Undoubtedly the main tower. It seems to me the jewel of the property on a par with its insignia, since it has 7 balconies. This, together with the rest of the rooms in the palace, is offered to the bride and groom to be able to change before the ceremony, so that they feel at home, and to be able to portray that special moment, with wonderful views of the garden.

Another space, although more eighteenth-century, for brides looking for a distinctive touch, is the office Adjacent to the tower, which has a display case full of cups, glassware, old plates and unique pieces, perfect as a background for any photograph.

Q: Lorenzo, can you tell us a little more about your work as a businessman and decorator?

A: Yes, I reform unique buildings with high architectural value, bringing them back to life. This not only implies a homogeneous decorative line but also its enhancement.

Thus, I try to turn them into a nerve center from a social point of view, as in my previous project, the Duarte Palace, through which important personalities Jean Paul Gaultier, Pau Gasol or Penelope Cruz and luxury brands such as Bvlgari, Dior or Dom Pérignon, among others.

Q: Gabriela, finally, what reasons would you give brides to choose Palacio 7 Balcones?

A: For me, Palacio 7 Balcones has a je ne sais quoi , indescribable, elegant, unique and majestic that make it unique. The perfect place, for the perfect bride.