CHERUBINE BRIDES | New Cherubina Bridal Collection, La Guajira

Our New Cherubina Bridal Collection, La Guajira is finally here!

La Guajira perfectly combines the most groundbreaking designs with the savoir-faire of CHERUBINA's bridal atelier. Without losing the hallmarks of the firm. The vintage air in their designs, the quality of the fabrics and finishes, as well as the love of craftsmanship, are very present in the collection and are reflected in unique pieces and handmade embroideries, exclusive for our firm.


After the complicated year we have experienced due to the health emergency, La Guajira represents the resurgence of these celebrations. That despite the aridity of these months, they have managed to survive and regrow with more strength. The collection honors brides and thinks of them as flowers of the desert, resistant and resilient. It also takes into account the new needs and trends derived from this new normality.

La Guajira It is full of contrasts. Simple models with groundbreaking designs and classic lines with suggestive necklines coexist in it in perfect harmony. As well as full-bodied fabrics such as embroidered silk organza with more fluid and vaporous materials.

Total look with blouse and pants. Novelty in the Universe of our Cherubina Brides.


In the new collection we not only find wedding dresses. The company has also designed a new line of bridal headdresses. Unique handmade pieces of exclusive design that constitute the insignia of Cherubina. As well as a line of accessories for brides, in which pearls will predominate, in keeping with the vintage spirit of the house.


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