STYLE GUIDE | What to wear for the April 2023 fair

We continue with the traditional festivals of our land, and it is that, after Easter , one of the most anticipated events is the Seville April Fair . The good weather, the music and the unique atmosphere, make every year thousands of people pass through the Real , a large venue with streets full of stalls and streets of albero, decorated with lanterns. Streets through which riders and horse-drawn carriages, flamenco dancers and visitors stroll. The April Fair is a large-scale event, where the flamenco dress is the protagonist, but if you are not going to wear it, you have to opt for elegant clothes. Still don't know what to wear? Don't worry! In this article we will recommend looks to be up to such a special occasion.

Little Fish Night

The Fair begins on the night of the “pescaíto” and the “alumbrao”, at which time the entrance and the lights of the fairgrounds are illuminated for the first time. On this occasion the women do not dress in flamenco, so they wear their best clothes that night. You can opt for garments such as a midi dress , a top and pants set or the classic jacket suit , and since it is a night event, our recommendation is that you use dark tones .

(From left to right, see Bertha top here and Carrie skirt here ; see Safi dress here ; see Kate jacket here ; see Bush pants here )

day fair

If you decide not to dress as flamenco but you go to the Fair during the day, we recommend that you wear a formal look , but not excessively without abusing glitter, sequins or exaggerated necklines, and always betting on comfortable and fresh clothes, since it tends to be quite heat during the day both outside and inside the booths.

The Fair is a happy and fun party, so it's time to bet on bright colors ! Oranges, fuchsias, lilacs or the classic red that we like so much…use them and combine them with each other. Avoid making black the predominant color, although you can always use it in a garment that keeps you warm at night, such as a jacket.

Another ideal option is to wear garments with a nod to this festive theme and in this case, they are polka dots ! And it is that there is no more flamenco print and easy to combine, but if you think that they are too much for you, the floral print will not be wrong either.

(From left to right, see Birdie dress here ; see Theresse dress here ; see Queen dress here )


Another very important issue when choosing what to wear to go to the April Fair , are the shoes. The floor is albero, and you have to take into account that you are going to be on your feet for a long time, so the best option is to be comfortable and avoid stiletto heels and flat soles... The most common option is the wedges of esparto grass in all its variants, whether with a lace or ankle bracelet, although if sandals are your thing, they better be with wide heels and platforms, like the Olympia model from the #UnisaByCherubina collaboration, made of raffia .

(See Carei espadrilles here ; see Olympia sandals here )


If you want to give your look a more flamenco touch, a flower on your head is not an option. Add an embroidered Manila shawl, which you can find in different sizes and colours, and which, in addition to adding an elegant touch, will serve as a coat in the evening.

The earrings are also another of the star accessories. A good look to go to the Fair is always accompanied by beautiful and striking earrings, and we love them in their maxi and colored version, like these carnation-shaped earrings that you can find on our website.

And, last but not least, something that you cannot forget to take with you for anything in the world: the fan.

These would be our recommendations to go to the April Fair this 2023 . Do you still have doubts about what to wear? Visit our website and discover more clothes to impress at Real !