CHERUBINA & FRIENDS | Today we speak with Marta Masi

The pharmacist Marta Masí is the owner of one of the pharmacy most innovative in dermocosmetic advice. Her greatest passion is, as she herself says, beautifying people and making them feel better about themselves. Marta Masí is undoubtedly one of those professionals who spread the passion for her work.

Q: How did you get started in the pharmaceutical world and what made you decide to specialize in dermocosmetics?

A: There are many factors that have led me to this point. She was very clear that she wanted to be a pharmacist since she was little. I loved going to the pharmacy and also almost all the women in my family are pharmacists, so it's in my blood. I find it a very nice job because it allows me to help people on a daily basis. On the other hand, I have always been in love with beauty and I love helping others look and feel their best. I love beautifying others and helping them with their self-esteem. That's why I decided to dedicate myself to dermocosmetics.

Q: Your line of masks have been a huge sales success. Can you tell us a little more about them?

A: Beauty is not only your outer appearance, but also the inner one. As I lead a very busy life, I wanted to launch a cosmetic product that would “force you to stop”. You must wear the mask for 15 minutes, so in the end, it is time that you dedicate to yourself.

This quality time invested in you, added to the positive messages that we write with such dedication in each one of them, make our masks enhance both inner and outer beauty.

Q: You recently received the award for the best beauty influencer, how has this experience been and how do you feel after this recognition?

It has been a very gratifying experience, especially because it has been something unexpected. We have won this beautiful recognition as a team. Surrounding yourself with good people and good people is essential to be able to grow and I am very proud of my team, it is wonderful

R: What would you highlight about the Marta Masí Pharmacy?

In our dermocosmetic consultation we try to do a 360º approach. We not only recommend creams, but also nutricosmetics, such as melatonin. The factors that influence our appearance are many and it is essential to sleep well and follow a good diet. That's why we also have a nutritionist on our team.

We have grown a lot, through our website we place national orders and throughout Europe. Our success is the advice. Behind every sale there is good pharmaceutical advice and we try to be very attentive to the needs of our customers to offer a quality service.