CHERUBINA & FRIENDS | EME PROFESSIONAL SKINCARE, the future of personalized cosmetics

Marta Garrido, from Eme professional Skincare

Eme Professional Skincare is the answer to skin care needs, a fairy godmother that provides personalized solutions to show off healthy, radiant skin. Behind this company is a team of experts passionate about the health and beauty of the skin, led by Marta Garrido, a young woman with a deep passion for dermatology and the science behind the skin, who at only 27 years old has achieved a good position in the cosmetics market with true fans of its products.

Something that is clear to us after speaking with Marta is that each skin is unique, and therefore, deserves a personalized treatment. Their products are formulated to address each need individually.

Its essence lies in the perfect combination of high-quality ingredients and the science behind skincare, creating products that are not only effective, but also indulgent to your senses. At Eme Professional Skincare, they dedicate all their time to helping you achieve your best version, revealing skin that radiates confidence.

Marta Garrido, from Eme professional Skincare

1. What was the motivation why you decided to study Pharmacy and then focus on the field of skin care?

My pharmaceutical vocation runs in the family, I remember my father wearing the white coat in the laboratory all my life, who is also a pharmacist, like my grandfather. I never had any doubts that I wanted to be like him, in fact, he always tells me that from a very young age I loved going and seeing how they worked there. It wasn't until the last years of my career that I knew I wanted to focus on the world of cosmetics.

Marta Garrido, from Eme professional Skincare

2. How do you select ingredients for your products and what factors do you consider when choosing them?

I always start from a need of the population, such as the correction of wrinkles, spots, the lack of luminosity that the skin presents in general... and from there, I study the most effective ingredients and concentrations that satisfy these stated needs. At EME, we place special value on effectiveness, which is why we select the best active ingredients that are pure and highly concentrated, discarding those that do not have proven evidence.

Marta Garrido, from Eme professional Skincare

3. What are the biggest challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur in this industry and how have you overcome them?

To be completely honest, I am frustrated by the number of brands on the market, opening a space for yourself in a market with so much competition is quite a challenge, and it is not this enormous competition that is most difficult for me, but rather the overload of information and at the same time the misinformation that this entails. When I started with EME, I realized that it is a constant struggle to retrain my clients, since these market giants do not have the same concern as EME in developing formulas of the highest quality and specialized according to your skin type. Although I recognize that at the same time it is super gratifying to see that they understand the reason for a routine and why EME better than any other brand.

Marta Garrido, from Eme professional Skincare

4. Do you think there is enough awareness in the population about the importance of skin care from an early age?

Definitely not!!! And it is super striking how we see that those who start taking care of me at a younger age, it is because they have youth acne-type imperfections. There is a lack of awareness in the population, we only worry when the damage is evident, whether wrinkles, itchy skin, dryness or acne, but the damage begins much earlier. It is more than proven that the skin is losing its capacity for regeneration, substances that maintain elasticity, as well as properties to maintain correct hydration. That is why it is very important to take care of the skin from a very early age, thus avoiding future damage.

Marta Garrido, from Eme professional Skincare

5. What was the starting point that led you to develop the idea of ​​creating a line of personalized cosmetic products designed specifically for individual skin needs?

After finishing my career as a pharmacist, I worked in a large international cosmetics company. It was upon returning to my father's Pharmacy/Laboratory, where I had already done an internship before, that I became aware that I could not safely recommend an already marketed routine to my clients. The market was lacking more artisanal, more minimalist and, above all, more specific products for each skin. I already knew the market through this cosmetic laboratory, I had direct access to my clients thanks to being at the counter of a pharmacy, and above all, my father has a laboratory where we have formulated medicines all our lives! How could I not do it?

Marta Garrido, from Eme professional Skincare

6. Can you share with us Marta Garrido's skin care routine and what product do you think is essential in your routine?

Of course! It is the best routine in the world, being as simple and easy to follow as it is effective. A complete routine always has to have, (post cleansing and prior sun protection), at least a serum, a cream and an eye contour. At the benefit level, good hydration, with anti-aging and anti-wrinkle function, and of course, cell renewal, which purifies and renews the skin. As an extra, for me, it is essential that it provides luminosity, softness and juiciness, in addition to protecting the skin. I started from these benefits to develop my ideal routine. And with only 3 products I have achieved it. In the morning and at night I follow exactly the same routine, first I apply the Hyaluronic Intensive Serum, and after complete absorption, the Essential Cream. In this way I provide all the benefits internally (serum) and at a more superficial level (cream). 1 or 2 nights a week, I apply the Purifying Serum at night, before the routine, which is what exerts the renewing action. I can't reveal the outline yet, since it will be out very soon!

Marta Garrido, from Eme professional Skincare

7. What is your long-term vision for your brand and what are your future plans to continue innovating in this field?

I intend to always maintain the essence of EME firmly, which is personalized care, formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Advising all skin types that need it, monitoring, adapting routines... Of course, always in continuous training to be able to provide my clients with the latest news and discoveries.

8. What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs looking to enter the beauty and skincare industry?

They should always do it with a product that they did not use themselves, but rather that they recommended to their mothers.

Marta Garrido, from Eme professional Skincare