This “Cherubina and friends” is more than special for us; Today we want to introduce you to a Great Friend (in capital letters) with a great story. We've known Mariángeles since we were girls, we've spent many hours together…we shared even the school bus stop. It is, as they say, joy with legs, it has great and good friends wherever it goes and an overwhelming personality.

One day her life took a 180º turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at a very advanced stage that marked a before and after in her life.

She fought, she won, and she was even the mother of twins. As she rightly says, survival must be made visible and talk about the many survivors there are and that, thanks to research, there are more and more.

Today, October 19, on the occasion of the world day against breast cancer, we invite you to open your huge heart and share your experience with all of us.

How it all started? what did you notice?

In late January I started noticing a painful lump in my upper left breast. At first I didn't care. But it grew and it hurt and little by little it began to turn red. It looked like an infection or something superficial…nothing unusual on the ultrasound. They treated me with an antibiotic.

In mid-March, the surgeon who was watching that lump decided to do a biopsy because it took too long and it was getting worse. On March 25 we had the results and it was very bad…

What was your first learning when you were diagnosed with cancer?

You feel fear, insecurity, the perspective of life changes radically. Suddenly all plans are forgotten, life, routine, day-to-day worries...because you have to stop and heal.

What you play is a lot, life. And suddenly, you value your life so much!!! You want to get up early and go to work, argue with your husband over any trifle, go to eat at your mother's house, anything... suddenly that's a luxury!

You value your life and everything around you...

Life shows you its worst face, and others show you the best. They made everything so easy for me. The love of others made those two years, have a nice memory. I'm lucky!

My mother never missed a chemo, my husband took me everywhere and accompanied me day after day, and he never stopped calling me pretty! My brothers, my brothers-in-law, my family, everything was love. And my FRIENDS, with capital letters, those who never let me down!

In addition to your friends, you shared this path with other girls in your same situation, how was this?

Since I had so much free time, I decided to write on a blog what I was experiencing at that stage... "Nobody said it would be easy", and it gave me great satisfaction!

I met many girls who were going through the same thing as me, and we shared the experience. I wanted to make visible how side effects and the day-to-day life of cancer treatment are handled. I wanted to show that there is life in the meantime!

Despite all this, cancer would bring many fears and concerns. What was the most complicated thing for you?

Worst? Seeing my mother and those around me suffer...

Another thing that was fatal to me was mastectomies…they change your body forever and as a young woman it seemed very hard to me. And above all, the fear of not fulfilling my dream, to be a mother!

You always say that "cancer came against you but the world turned in your favor" does this have something to do with that dream?

Has it all! And it is that surrounding myself with wonderful people, and incredible professionals, made the miracle possible, well, rather, the miracles!

In 2013 Cancer arrived, but in 2018 Marta and Diego arrived, my wonderful twins. They make everything worthwhile when I look back. One day I will tell you what my scars are and why they are soooo wanted!

On a day like this, so important and meaningful to so many, what message would you like to send to women?

On a day like today, I would like the women who are going through it to be left with a positive message. With the fact that there are more and more advances and we are more survivors, and also remember that it is very important not to stop living during treatment! That a positive attitude does not cure, but it does help, so you have to grit your teeth and smile, you can!!!

And to the others, don't forget prevention! Regular reviews is what can cure us.

And if you look back, what would you like not to remain in the pipeline?

In March of next year it will be 10 years since my diagnosis... I am not discharged, we continue with check-ups every 6 months, but it will undoubtedly be an important date and we must say thank you!

Thanks to the Cancer Association, which provides free psychological assistance to cancer patients, they helped me a lot! To my friends from Pulseras Rosas, to the great Sandra Ibarra and her foundation with its school for survivors, which teaches us that life cannot be prolonged but it can be expanded.

And to all of you who have been part of my healing and are happy because Marta and Diego can be here with us!

Thank you Mariángeles for sharing this time with Cherubina!