5 daytime wedding guest dresses

Day weddings in sight and you don't know what to wear? What if short or long? Can I wear a hat or a better headdress? And what color do I choose? Plain or patterned? Do not panic! We have selected for you 5 daytime wedding guest dresses, as well as some tips that will help you achieve a perfect look for the occasion.

Tips for a wedding day guest

1. For a day wedding, it is better to opt for a short model, at knee height or a little above it. A midi-cut dress is also an ideal option, which is a little above the ankle or just at your height.

2. It goes without saying that since it is a wedding, white is completely out of the question. The bride is the only one who can wear this color. So it is better to avoid colors that are included in this range (off-white, ivory, etc.)

3. It's time to opt for bright prints and cheerful colors! But always taking into account that they go with your skin type and favor your features.

4. Have you always wanted to wear a pamela and you have never dared? Well, this is the perfect occasion to make yourself a lookazo as a guest of the day with this type of headdress.

Daytime wedding guest dresses 


Made of satin, its retro-inspired design and midi cut make the Vega an ideal dress for daytime wedding guests. You can also choose between a bluish pattern or a reddish one. Both perfect for a day event.

2. mermaid

The model Sirene , combines the elegance of a classic and simple dress, with the originality of its die-cut fabric. With a neckline, puffed sleeves and an evasé-cut skirt, it is the perfect design to combine with a hat like our Leonore .


Our Delma is a wardrobe staple. Its design and elegance will not go out of style and in addition to being ideal, you will be super comfortable thanks to its silk knit fabric. Your most special detail? Its back neckline with cape, a guaranteed bet for any event of the season!

4. vlinder

Made in silk knit and midi cut, the model Vlinder is perfect for a daytime wedding guest. Available in lead blue and leaf green, both colors are ideal for the occasion and its design allows you to wear it in five different ways.


Crown jewel. our dress cosmo . A midi-cut dress, with puffed sleeves and made of Mikado fabric. A super original model, for the most daring guests.

We hope you liked our selection of 5 daytime wedding guest dresses. If after this post, you still have doubts about how to be the perfect guest and dazzle in your day events , do not hesitate to contact contact with us . We will be happy to help you!