STYLE GUIDE | What to wear to a night wedding

Summer arrives and with it, night weddings. Summer weddings have a special charm: always accompanied by good weather, a more carefree spirit, more daylight hours and that particular magic.

Woman with asymmetrical dress for evening wedding

But what to wear to a night wedding? The protocol changes a bit with respect to day weddings and there are some details that we must take into account:

What kind of dress is appropriate for an evening wedding? Should it be long or short?

According to the protocol, night weddings allow you to choose between long or cocktail dresses . Long dresses are usually reserved mainly for the godmother, the sisters of the bride and groom, as well as the bridesmaids. Cocktail dresses are those whose length reaches the knee or a few centimeters above it.

Woman in fuchsia dress for evening wedding

Faced with these proposals, there will be those who wonder: can you wear a short dress at a night wedding? It is not the most common option, but if your final choice is a short dress, you should take into account that there are also changes in terms of colors.


At night weddings, dark colors become the protagonists, being able to add a touch of color by playing with accessories.

For a long dress, black has always been an elegant color, although its use is not very common at weddings and more green, blue or red tones are usually seen. The latter is perfect for any time of the year. Bottle green, navy blue or maroon are ideal proposals.

evening wedding dress accessories


The type of event will also be a determining factor in choosing the look.

Once we know the etiquette rules for night weddings, it is important to assess the style of the wedding to which we have been invited. Although traditional weddings follow a similar line that we all know (you have probably attended family weddings like this for a long time), today they are celebrated in a thousand different ways. In a boho, hippie, vintage, industrial or folk wedding, among others, the dress code by which your choice must be governed will vary according to the chosen style. However, if the place and the etiquette suggest elegance, you can bet on a long party dress that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Woman in dress for evening wedding


You also have to pay attention to the place of celebration when choosing the dress, since it is related to the style of the ceremony.

Currently, weddings are held in more peculiar settings, which offers different alternatives and more possibilities, leaving behind traditional looks. For example, what should you bring if the wedding is held on the beach? A long dress with heels would not be the most suitable if there is sand and water, therefore, it would be more appropriate to opt for a shorter outfit, in light colors and with lighter fabrics.

For parties in more sophisticated spaces, such as hotels, estates or palaces, the long party dress is the perfect choice, in keeping with the style that the couple have proposed for their wedding. On this occasion, you can wear high heels if you wish.


Although these unwritten ''rules'' of etiquette must be taken into account when choosing clothing, we must always bet on an option that makes us feel comfortable, with which we look beautiful and feel good.

There will be those who do not see themselves in a floor-length dress, but if your purpose is to go long, you can opt for a jumpsuit or, failing that, a set of pants combined with a top. You maintain the length that this type of event requires but more comfortable.

But if what doesn't excite you is having to go long, a midi dress or a two-piece, skirt and blouse, is your solution.

And if, despite everything, these proposals do not go with your style and you prefer to go short, with a mini dress or a choice of shorts or skirt and top, remember to incorporate dark colors, more suitable for the night wedding.


Do not forget to play with the accessories, adding personality to the outfit. Earrings, bag, rings, necklaces... they have the ability to turn a boring outfit into a great look.

You can combine any look with high-heeled shoes or with wedges or sandals, with more or less height. Are you one of those who loves to wear high heels or do you prefer something shorter that will let you dance all night?

If you don't want to choose between going tall or going comfortable to last the whole night, #UnisabyCherubina's heels are our safe bet! Cherubina's word.

Woman with flower in her hair


If you are invited to a wedding at night and you prefer a more natural look, opt for a light and luminous foundation that highlights your skin. Use neutral shades on your eyes, like soft browns and golds, and apply a coat of mascara to open up your eyes. Add a touch of rosy blush to the cheeks and a nude or soft pink lipstick.

For a darker, more sophisticated look, opt for a high-coverage matte foundation. Create a smokey eye with deep shades like black, gray or dark brown. Contour your face to highlight your features and apply a burgundy or deep red lipstick.