Ana and Rocío met 6 years ago at their current job. From the first moment they connected perfectly and that professional bond soon became personal.

VitaEvents was born from this friendship and has become his new great adventure. A project with which to learn, chat and celebrate life. 

Q: You started the project very recently, how did the idea of ​​VitaEvents come about?

A: This project was born on Christmas 2021/2022, locked in one of many "lockdowns" We think about the need for meetings, green clothes and talking live. To look into each other's eyes again and laugh...

We think that in Seville there is nothing like it, and there is a great need to break the routine during the week, to learn, chat, meet people, contribute ideas to each other... it is a way of "stopping" the day-to-day routine that we have and somehow be happier because that's what we try to give that "shot" of vitamin energy and joy with everything we organize. 

And so VitaEvents arises!

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Q: And why “Vitaevents”? What is behind that name?

A: The name comes from Vitamina, inspired by the great Marián Rojas and our logo, a sunflower thinking of my grandfather Perico. How big was it. It is a plant that depends on the sun, which gives us so much energy and turns looking for it, as we want to "adapt" to the demand for courses, workshops and talks, to the need for meetings and holding events in our New House.

Q: And as for the new house, what would you like to turn that space into?

A: We want a good atmosphere to be breathed and a meeting place to squeeze the moments and have those "escape and enjoy moments" away from the stress and non-stop in which we are immersed.

We try to differentiate ourselves by giving a treatment with a lot of "care" taking care of every detail. Taking good care of everyone who comes, and finishing each workshop/course/talk or whatever we organize with a good aperitif and a delicious wine. And the truth is that it seems that we achieved it or at least that is how the people who come to live experiences transmit it to us.

Q: So, could we say that there is nothing that cannot happen in the new house?

A: We work in many ways, we have many options, always adapting to what the client wants to celebrate.  In addition to enjoying a wonderful space where you can celebrate everything you need, where we give you all our support, ideas and put you in touch with a wonderful group of collaborators who make everything easier for you, VitaEvents also organizes its own Vitamina moments, in a unique environment 🌻

We like to organize workshops, talks and courses, which we launch on Instagram and WhatsApp. We always try to make them have an appetizing theme and always keep small groups to make them more intimate. We learn, we enjoy and we end up toasting and looking forward to the next one, always!!!!

Q: Professional life, personal life... and start a business! How do you manage to combine it all?

A: We spend a lot of time together in and out of the office. Lots of hangouts and calls. Lots of work and leisure when we can too. We both have children, Ana 3 and Rocío 2, and although it is sometimes difficult to combine so many hours of work and organization with them, it is possible. Because it is true that you take time for what you want! 

Ana and I have a lot of trust in each other and that together with the good connection and the quick understanding that we have, makes everything much easier.

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Many thanks to Ana and Rocío for this time with Cherubina!