CHERUBINA & FRIENDS | Today we talk with Julia Hidalgo

We are very lucky to have known Julia Hidalgo for years. What surely very few know is that she worked more than 10 years ago for a time with us in the store on Montecarmelo Street, when I was practically a girl. Her contagious energy, joy and talent did not go unnoticed in those times and we are tremendously proud of the great professional she has become today. She is known for her artistry and her ability to highlight the unique beauty of each bride and guest that passes through her hands. It is an example that dreams, when pursued with passion and effort, can become reality.

Julia Hidalgo is a young woman passionate about her profession, who has become a reference in the world of professional makeup, earning the trust of those who put themselves in her hands. Their creativity, together with impeccable technique and quality products, work magic, knowing like no one else to bring out the natural beauty of their clients in the most important moments.

Her beauty tips have already captivated thousands of followers on social networks, through videos about looks and tips on makeup, skin care and even easy hairstyles that we can all learn. Furthermore, if you are even more curious, Julia offers self-makeup courses in her studio, completely personalized in which you can learn the best techniques to take advantage of yourself and also how to use all those products you need to achieve radiant and natural makeup.

We leave you here this new chapter of Cherubina&Friends so that you can get to know Julia and her work a little more. Don't miss the opportunity to be inspired by her talent, absorb her valuable advice, and discover how to enhance your inner beauty and confidence.

  1. What was your inspiration to become a professional makeup artist and how did you start your career in this field?

I discovered that beauty can make a woman feel stronger and more confident in important situations, such as presentations, interviews, and especially on the most special day, her wedding.

I started doing makeup and hair for women around me like my sisters, cousins ​​or friends, uploading photos of the results and that's how my Instagram account began. The positive feedback encouraged me to train professionally.

My first clients were invited to events such as parties or weddings, so I began to make a name for myself in this profession and over time, clothing brands began to call me for their productions. My first job was for Cherubina, they trusted me and since then we always work together on all the productions.

Lucía Cherubina 's photos helped my profile look much more professional and I gained the trust of the brides in Seville. Everything I earned was invested in training and material for my professional briefcase. I know that I will never stop training, there are always things to learn and improve.

  1. Could you summarize a day of your work day for us?

My day to day life is dynamic and changing. Every day is totally different, constantly meeting new people and facing new challenges.

During the week, my focus is on doing makeup work for photo shoots, productions and content creation for fashion brands. In addition, I teach makeup courses in my studio and welcome future brides to do tests and define the perfect look for their wedding.

Weekends are dedicated exclusively to my brides, accompanying them on their big day and making sure they enjoy the moment we share to the fullest.

The truth is that I don't have moments of pause, but I consider this to be the perfect time to give my best and work hard. When you are passionate about your work, effort becomes insignificant.

  1. What makeup and hair trends do you like to use the most with your clients? What are your essentials?

I love makeup that evokes summer: freshness, the luminosity of the sun on the cheeks and hydrated skin. I like to highlight the light tones of the iris to give light to the look, opt for lips with a bitten effect and a healthy appearance.

For me, hydration is essential, it is the first step before any makeup.

As for hairstyle, I focus on highlighting the client's features so that she feels confident and flattered. Once this is achieved, I begin to create the updo.

  1. What goals does @byjuliahidalgo have in mind as a professional makeup artist?

I would love to form a team so I can diversify my work, especially in fields like fashion. I would like to be more available to participate in fashion productions, since they are enriching experiences that allow me to grow professionally.

Surrounding myself with the talent of other colleagues such as photographers, models, stylists and designers inspires me and helps me develop my creativity. The satisfaction of seeing how a project materializes into something so wonderful after many hours of work, express trips and intense days is what fulfills me the most.

  1. What practical advice would you give to someone who is starting out in the world of professional makeup and wants to be successful in this world?

First, it is essential to strive to provide quality service, always putting the client at the center and transmitting security, professionalism and commitment.

Investing in high quality products is key; One should not skimp on this aspect. Although it is not necessary to have everything, it is important to have good basics that are versatile for different skin types.

Continuous training is essential. It is important to make the most of the beginning of your professional career to learn as much as possible; Knowledge never hurts and I personally value having made the most of this learning stage.

Finally, it is important to identify and defend your own style without imitating anyone, following your own criteria and being a perfectionist to express exactly what you want.

Thank you Julia for sharing this little time with us, and above all for inspiring us to continue exploring and learning. And also, thanks to you for joining us in this new chapter of Cherubina&Friends.

We are excited to continue sharing with you more stories of talent from women who are inspiration.