Spring guests 2022: combine LAVANI earrings with Cherubina looks

We are very excited because today we are lucky to have with us one of the most ideal guest jewelry brands for you to find the perfect guest earrings, LAVANI Jewels !

LAVANI Jewels is a Spanish jewelry brand that was born in 2017 and produces all its jewelry nationally, and has achieved great success thanks to direct contact with its clients through social networks, which you can take a look at @lavani .jewels

As you can imagine, they have the most special earrings for guests , even for brides! Although also, a large selection of necklaces, rings and bracelets, for day to day. We have fallen in love with his new collection Le Tarot , some jewels, without a doubt, never seen before, that you cannot miss!

Both the LAVANI girls and us have joined forces with the respective guest collections, jewelry and looks , to bring you the definitive guest looks for this spring 2022 season.

Will you join us to discover them?

  • Tiziana dress with Ruby Alhambra earrings

The maroon Tiziana dress , with a midi cut and an incredible maroon satin fabric, seems perfect for the most elegant and sophisticated weddings. Its color transmits a lot of simplicity and light and, without a doubt, you can enhance it with gold earrings such as the LAVANI Jewels guest earrings: Alhambra Rubí , which combine perfectly with our garnet dress due to its stone of the same color and its golden grid. . We love this combination!

  • Lia Dress with Flaming Earrings Multicolor

The Lia dress is very daring and sexy and we think it's perfect for the funniest weddings or even at night. It has a great neckline at the front and a combination of two very trendy colors. Combine it with the LAVANI, Flaming Multicolor guest earrings to finish giving this look a fun touch. It's unique!

  • Enzo Suit with Veli Earrings

The Enzo suit is amazing! Its flower print and its vibrant colors such as fuchsia and green make it the perfect look for this spring 2022 , especially for the youngest guests. It is a very ornate suit, so we recommend that you bet on the Veli earrings from LAVANI in gold, since their leaf shape will combine perfectly with the style of our suit.

  • Jacqueline dress with Sevilla earrings

The Jacqueline dress is another of our proposals for this spring due to its sophisticated flower print. This dress seems perfect for a religious event like a communion, since, although it has an original print, it is quite modest and more formal. We love how it looks with the Sevilla earrings from LAVANI Jewels , it is a perfect match of flowers.

  • Fabrizia dress with pastel pink Palmira earrings

Our latest bet is the Fabrizia dress , without a doubt, it is our freshest and most summery option of all, since in spring there are always very suffocating days for which this dress will be great for you. In addition, its pastel color means that it continues to have that spring touch. As it is a very simple dress, take a risk and choose some guest earrings with a lot of personality, such as the pastel pink Palmira earrings from LAVANI Jewels.

We have been blown away by all the original, affordable and unique earring designs that are created at LAVANI Jewels . We already know why all the guests choose them! Has there been a look that has been your favourite? Do not hesitate to tell us about it on our social networks, @lavani.jewels and @cherubinaofficial