Lidia and Patricia , sisters and founders of Weddings With Love , studied tourism and journalism respectively. Over time they have specialized in the luxury wedding sector. WWL is currently recognized nationally and internationally for its spectacular events and exclusive experiences.

'We design and organize experiential luxury weddings over low heat. A road that leads to what will probably be the best party of your lives'

Q: Weddings With Love is defined by making experiential luxury weddings. Can you tell us in more detail what it consists of?

Clear! We are experts in personalizing weddings to the taste of the couple, because for us each couple is unique and this must be reflected in the experience that their guests live. 

Among the experiences we offer, we would highlight the aromatization of events,  making it possible to provide each one with incomparable and lasting fragrances in the memory of the guests.

Q : Your events stand out for being a guaranteed success, difficult to forget... how do you achieve it?

Finding the extraordinary in every detail... the search for exquisite cuisine and an exceptional chef, investigating the history and architecture of each location, creating dreamy decorations and lighting, through a staging accompanied by the melodies of the most prestigious.

Q: Who makes up Weddings With Love?

Our team is made up of five women, meticulous, organized and very committed to our work, as well as magnificent suppliers to rely on. 

Through our professional profiles we combine creativity and coordination to guarantee a good result for couples. 

Q: What would be the ideal couple for Weddings With Love?

The ideal couple for Weddings With Love is the one who fully trusts us. Likewise, we connect well with couples who want weddings, where the experience lasts over time.

Q: How is Weddings With Love different from other wedding planners? 

We differentiate ourselves by having a great organizational structure and suppliers, capable of materializing the dreams of each couple. 

In addition, we are faithful to the culture of effort, being the first and the last to leave weddings, and we are constantly training to achieve perfection in everything we do. 

Q: You are based in Seville and you organize weddings in Spain, do you plan to grow internationally?

We chose an office in the heart of Seville, being our hometown. 

We work nationally, and internationally we have already organized weddings abroad, a concrete example is Santorini, or Lidia's in Portugal.

Q: You offer courses and teaching programs for future wedding planners. How did the idea come about?

Well, we realized that there were not many specialized wedding planning programs, so we did not hesitate to take the leap and launch the Wedding Planner Book and in 2018 a face-to-face school that currently also offers online courses. 

We have magnificent students who are very close and grateful, and that is our main purpose, that they learn about this beautiful subject, how to organize the big day.

Q: What are the values ​​of Wedding With Love?

      • Experience : Creation of unique experiences for each couple.
      • Crafts : ' Passionate work over low heat '. Decoration made by hand, personalized and exclusive.
      • Quality : By giving service to few couples, we offer quality and personalization.
      • Respect : Confidentiality and discretion with each client.
      • Honesty : All constructive criticism is good, to continue improving.
      • Team : people and the team, is our primary value.
      • Leadership : a good wedding planner must be an excellent leader.
      • Passion : the involvement and enthusiasm that we put into each wedding defines us.
      • Innovation : we offer innovative services, such as healthcare at weddings.
      • Education : Through our WWL Academy school and our Wedding Planner book, we help and teach.

Q: How do you manage to combine your professional life with your personal life, being mothers and businesswomen?

Without a doubt, with help, a lot of help! We cannot play at being superheroines... For this reason we appreciate both the help of the relatives who take care of the children, and the WWL team, made up of professionals who support us and in whom we can fully trust. 

'And above all putting the heart into all facets of life' . Work is important to us, but so is our family, which is why little by little we are finding balance along the way.

Many thanks to Lidia and Patricia for sharing this little time with Cherubina!

Special thanks also to our collaborators, who made this Cherubina&Friends post possible:

- Coordination: Room Agency.
- Flowers: Leboyerd.
- Makeup and hairdressing: Cristina Gordillo Make Up.
- Jewelry: Boy Jewelry.
- Location: Villapanés Palace.